Divisible Key Holder 2 Rings -Brown

Divisible Key Holder 2 Rings -Brown

$CAD 48.00
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No need to carry all the keys all the time. This key holder allows you to divide your keys anytime you want to.

Are you carrying your work keys on the weekends?
Your kid wants to use the car tonight?  Split home/work, car/home, cottage/home, storage/work etc… keys.

This practical keychain has two rings, one of which you can detach with a press button. And if you don’t want to lose your keys you can also hang it from your belt or any lanyard.
It's always good to simplify your life!

Real Leather : Brown /Brown lining 
Edge paint finish 
2 Key Rings 
Snap button 

Length when closed: 3  ¼  inches (8 cm)
Width: 3/4 inches (2 cm)
Tickness: 2/4 inches (1.4 cm)