Contemporary design made to last.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Montreal, QC Canada.

We use traditional craftsmanship to transform unique materials into modern leather accessories.

Quality & Durability at the heart of our business
 Our products are made to last.
 They are all made in our workshop in Montreal: we have production control and supervision of small details.
 Our materials and parts are chosen to resist the passage of time and constant use.

Warranty & repairs 
We back you up. 
Products have a 2 years warranty for manufacturing . Within that time we will repair or replace the defective part at no cost. We also have a repair service for our products. You can embellish the leather or make some wear repairs at a cost.

The Team

Diana, Founder - DesignerDiana Serrano started designing bags in 2002 after deciding to change her professional life and move away from advertising agencies.
She returned to studies and trained as a leather goods specialist. In 2005 she opened her workshop in Bogotá (Colombia) her hometown. In 2009 Diana immigrated to Canada as a skilled worker. Since then, she has worked in Montreal, Vancouver and Detroit (USA) as a sampler for a renowned luxury brand.
After 15 years of experience, she decides to launch her leather goods business in Montreal.

Gianhi, Leather Goods Artisan

Our workshop’s right hand. Gianhi is a Leather Goods Artisan. She has the characteristics of a good craftsman: precision, thoroughness, creativity, and patience. She participates in all manufacturing processes.


Mom Mercedes, Management backbone 

Mercedes shares her experience as head of various companies with us. Today she is retired and takes care of accounting and long-term project planning. In fact, she is available to lend a hand at any time.

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